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Get the flexible debit card with the innovative contactless payment technology which makes your everyday transactions extremely easy in just a few seconds. To declare any loss or theft of your card. Card activation. You will receive it the moment you apply for a card at the Bank Branch, or by post at your address in case you apply online.

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Online information upon issuing of your card statements and direct, online access to the latest and previous account statements. Make your online transactions easily, wherever you are, enjoying maximum security by entering a One Time Password sent to your mobile phone by SMS. What is the meaning of first digit on Debit Card? Source: www. Like the Banks, Petroleum etc.

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It is different for different industries. The first 6 digits of debit card tells about the company which has issued the card. The next 9 numbers from 7 th to 15 th digit , leaving the last digit are:. From 7 th digit to 15 th digit, leaving the last digit, are linked to your bank account number. We cannot call it your bank account number but this number is linked with the account.

But there is nothing to be worried about, as these numbers does not reveal anything about you and your bank account.

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It has only been issued by the card provider and is kept unique. The last number of debit card is known as Check Digit. From this digit, it can be inferred that whether the card is valid or not. At the time of Online Shopping, CVV number is required so that the transaction can be completed properly.

CVV is the three - digit number, which is given at the back of the card, it is generally present near the signature strip and is highlighted in italics.

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  5. So we can say that these 16 digits or numbers on the debit card represents Bank Identification Number and Unique Account Number of the card holder. Frequently asked questions on debit or ATM card:.

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    What is a debit card? Debit card is also known as ATM card, plastic card, check card or bank card that can be used instead of cash at the time of purchasing. It is the most convenient and secure method to say no to cash. With the help of debit card do online payments, balance enquiry and also can generate mini-statements from an ATM.

    What is a Debit Card and how does it work?

    How can you get a debit card? The information that this private business collects and maintains as a result of your visit to its Web site, and the manner in which it does so, may differ from the information that Union Bank collects and maintains. If you provide the business with information, its use of that inforation will be subject to that business's privacy policy. We recommend you review their information collection policy, or terms and conditions to fully understand what that business collects. We are not responsible for the information collection practices of the other Web sites that you visit and urge you to review their privacy policies before you provide them with any personally identifiable information.

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