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Every time, they found us," said a grieving Nuemi. The government just can't protect its own citizens. Rico-Martinez said an appeal process in such cases "would allow another pair of eyes to look at the case.

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It would give the claimant a second chance to address those concerns. A subsequent pre-removal risk assessment, carried out by a federal official, recognized the family faced "subjective fear" in Mexico but said they hadn't refuted arguments that they would be protected by the state back home. Facing deportation, the family went into hiding.

But in August , when Grise returned to Mexico to visit her dying grandmother, she was attacked and raped, leaving her pregnant.

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She came back to Canada but was deported in December. Her mother and sister were deported in February. Grise was kidnapped again last March, then seven months pregnant. Her body was found in June.

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The death certificate determined a Caesarean section had been performed about a month before she was killed, the whereabouts of the premature baby unknown. Lawyer Aviva Basman, of Toronto's Refugee Law Office, called her clients' tragic story "symbolic" of Canada's attitude to asylum seekers from Mexico, which Ottawa doesn't see as a refugee-producing country. Citizenship and Immigration Canada said the government makes every effort to ensure that people are not removed to a situation of risk.

Kenney slapped visa requirements on visitors from Mexico and the Czech Republic this summer to curb rising asylum claims, claiming too many were bogus.

Police escort Mexican travelers in 'death highway'

The first option is to visit as a tourist. Citizens of the United States, most of Western Europe and parts of Latin America can visit visa-free for up to days. If you have a location independent business or other online work, you can stay in Mexico the allotted six months without needing any other procedures or permissions. If, however, you wish to work in Mexico for a Mexican corporation during the day period, you must apply for a different visa that allows you to engage in lucrative activities.

Another catch is that you cannot be paid in Mexico for your services.

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You can, however, apply for the permission to work after arriving in Mexico. For those seeking a way to move to Mexico on a more permanent basis, you will most likely need either the temporary or permanent resident visa. It used to be that you could apply for either visa while in Mexico as a tourist. Recent immigration reforms now dictate that you apply for your temporary or permanent resident visa at a Mexican Consulate outside of Mexico before traveling to the country. Upon arrival in Mexico, you will have 30 calendar days to exchange the visa document in your passport for the official temporary or permanent residency visa card.

If you fail to exchange your temporary visa within the 30 days, you will be restricted from leaving the country and must go through a process of regularization that includes extra fees and an additional interview. It is important to note that having temporary residency does not automatically grant the visa holder permission to work in Mexico. That being said, there are various ways you can qualify for temporary residency. If you can prove that you have sufficient economic resources to provide for yourself without working in Mexico, including housing and meal costs, you can qualify for the visa.


Required Documents for International Travel With Minors

If you are married to a Mexican citizen, you should apply for a two year temporary resident card before applying for permanent residency or citizenship. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Mexico, you may be able to automatically qualify for temporary residency. If you can prove that you have made an investment in real estate in Mexico equal to the value of forty thousand days of general minimum wage in Mexico City For that price, you can get a modern two to three bedroom apartment in Mexico City, or a luxury home with three to five bedrooms and a swimming pool in most other parts of the country, including the suburban zones of Mexico City in the state of Mexico.

Your other option is to have a number of different investments in Mexico, including real estate, stocks, and a business. You must also provide sufficient documents to prove the development of economic activity, such as invoices, receipts, contracts, business plans, permits, and your registry with the Mexican Social Security department showing that you are employing at least three people. In any of these cases, temporary residence is only granted for a one year period to begin, after which you can apply for renewal for an additional one to three years.

To maintain your temporary resident card, there is no requirement for the time you must spend in the country during the course of a year. Plus, you can enter and exit the country an unlimited number of times. Failure to timely cancel your permit or visa may result in penalties or fines. You will need to get a visa if you travel anywhere south of the Tourist Corridor listed above.

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The type of Visa you will need depends on why you plan on visiting Mexico. Click on the appropriate description for you purposes in Mexico below:. The requirements for this visa are as follows:. This permit can be obtained at Mexican Embassies and Consulates within the U. Although an FMN can be issued as many times as needed in a year, those who decide to travel to Mexico with the FMN and wish to stay over the authorized period of 30 days should replace their FMN with an FM3 valid for one year. The FM3 is a permit to enter Mexico which allows a stay for up to 1 year. Additional documentation may be required when applying for this visa in the United States or Canada, so please contact the nearest Mexican Consulate directly before traveling.

The Mexican Student Visa is issued to students attending school for over six months. Anyone travelling abroad with a minor less then 18 years old should carry a notarised letter of consent signed by both parents, complete information on the child and trip, and telephone numbers where the parents can be reached in case of doubt.

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The letter is not required by Mexican authorities but will be asked by airlines prior to boarding. Mexican authorities are entitled to refuse entry in cases where photo ID is not available, it is therefore required to obtain an affidavit of identity with the picture of the child, mentioning the child's name, place and date of birth, and signed before a lawyer or notary public.

If the minor has been the subject of a custody agreement, the accompanying adult should carry the appropriate documentation. If the minor is travelling with only one parent and the other parent is deceased, it is necessary to carry the death certificate.