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Adding traditional research to DNA results

This shows her all those who have tested at Ancestry who share DNA in common with both herself and this relative of her father. When she finishes, she returns to the main match page.

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It is possible Lora will see a very close relative, such as the birth mom herself or a half-sibling, which Ancestry can identify by the genetic distance between them. But it is more likely her closest matches will be within the range of first to fourth cousins, which turns out to be the case.

Finding A Birth Father After Years of Searching

Only a few of them have trees posted and only a couple of them respond to messages she sends. She feels discouraged and takes a break from the search for a few months. But not forever. We are based near the world's largest family history library and also work with researchers around the globe. Legacy Tree did a wonderful job exploring my family tree.

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It was a great experience and I highly recommend them. Worth every penny!

I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is wanting to research their family's history. I would unreservedly recommend Legacy Tree to anybody seeking professional genealogical research services. Legacy Tree found information and documents that I didn't know about and that go way back to the 18th century.


They were able to research in areas that I cannot get into and their knowledge about where to look is wonderful. I was impressed by the work that went into the research process.

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You can also use this form if you are an adopted person looking for other adopted siblings. Print entire guide.

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Can I use an ancestry DNA test to find my father?

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