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Yes, they are using a model stuck in 20th century. The vast majority of public records about people are at the local level: city, county, and state. Arrests are usually maintained by the county sheriff, or the local police agency that booked them.

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Exceptions to this occur when the arrest is made by the state police. This information is usually maintained by the county clerk where the event happened. For older information you may need to contact the state department of health or vital statistics to get access. Ownership and deed information is usually maintained by the county assessor, and in many counties is searchable online.

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In some states, this information is private. First Name.

Most states charge fee's for accessing any criminal records and do not have online databases with instant searches available to the public. PeopleCheck offers every statewide and county criminal background search available. The only information that is given by these companies are names and addresses associated with the subject's social security number.

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This information is public record and freely available to anyone. A fully compliant background check will include a public record search along with an in-depth physical record search at the county level.