Never find someone like you again lyrics

Girl you take my breath away And when I'm with someone new I'd rather be here with you Baby, forever My heart belongs to you 'cause I think about you all the time I know my love is true when we're together. I've played around girl and I made you cry When I looked up, you were saying good-bye I'm begging you please I need you so bad Don't leave me now, you're the best that I've had.

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All I have is just my heart And my feelings, I give to you That's all that I can do Give you forever Oh oh oh, you don't know that you're hurting me 'Cause it's not just a sexual thang I want to share my dreams, baby, together. Girl, I'm afraid just to? So I played piano for the rest of the session. For the pre-chorus, for example, I suggested a series of chords and we played with some melody ideas for it.

My main memory is feeling like everything was flowing very easily and honestly. Once we started recording, I was very much concentrated on making sure we got a killer vocal performance, because I was starting to think this was a special recording, and also she is such a pleasure to record! She sounds so great coming back out of the speakers, and I was dead set on making the song sound great but very natural, very vulnerable, very devastated.

On the second day, her voice had a rougher, more ragged edge, and I suggested we go back and re-record the last chorus so it would sound more emotional.

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And it did, it was heartbreaking. Semisonic songwriter Dan Wilson. We just had a great, relaxing time all three times we wrote together. Hopefully not to re-live the entire sad and sordid tale, but one somehow suspects that it will be so. Any interesting story or tidbit about process of the song winding up on the album?

The recording on the album was intended as a demo. I asked her what they thought of the song. When we finished the demo, I played it for my wife and then kinda forgot about it. For the next many months, I would hear sporadic reports from people who heard it, and everybody would tell me that it made them cry. At first, I thought people were crying because they know Adele and they felt the pain of her breakup and were being empathetic.

Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)

They were crying too. Last week I was in the studio having Aaron Redfield play drums on a song and Jonny Flower play upright bass on two other songs. Do it again! Any words of wisdom or advice for aspiring songwriters, regarding both the craft and business? Write a lot of songs. Lots and lots of songs. A lot of problems with a song in progress can be solved by starting a new and different song.

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Never Find Someone Like You Lyrics

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