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What can these records tell me? Discover more about New York City Marriage Notices, New York City Marriage Notices contains important information about your ancestors that can be very helpful in expanding your family tree.

What do I do about my last name? Every person has the right to adopt any name by which he or she wishes to be known simply by using that name consistently and without intent to defraud.

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Is there a waiting period? After purchasing a marriage license, the couple must wait 24 hours before getting married.

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After the 24 hour waiting period, the license is valid for 60 days. How much does the license cost?

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This certificate is automatically sent by the issuing clerk to the applicants within 15 days after the completed license is returned by the officiant person who performs the ceremony. A person's last name does not automatically change upon marriage, and neither party to the marriage is required to change his or her last name. One or both parties to a marriage may elect to change the last name by which he or she wishes to be known after the marriage by entering the new name in the appropriate space provided on the marriage license.

The new name must consist of one of the following options:.

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This simple decision, however, has lead to a number of questions, even though a number of other New England states have already made same-sex marriage legal in their state. Some people wonder if they can legally marry in New York and then move back to their state such as Florida which does not allow same-sex marriage, yet , and if the same-sex marriages that will be performed will change the dynamic of the state itself. One question that is easy to answer is how same-sex marriage will change New York marriage records.

Marriage records are an extremely important piece of public documentation.

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They are equally as important as birth and death records and are so important that they have been declared to be of public record status by both state and federal governments. Anyone who wants has access to the information. Marriage records help acknowledge those who are legally married and those who are not.

Until recently, same-sex couples could only wish to attain a marriage license so as to marry their significant other - legally.

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When the first same-sex marriages occurred, they weren't actual marriages but rather civil unions, and yes, the civil union certification was much different than New York marriage records look now. This is because the documentation was completely different.

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Now that New York same-sex marriage are legal, will documentation for marriage licenses for homosexual couples be different than the documentation needed for heterosexual couples? If the state follows through with the precedents set by other states that have allowed same-sex marriages to become legal, the paperwork will look either exactly the same or extremely similar.

There is really no reason why the paperwork should look different.