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We apologize for any frustration, Lou. If you would like to send an email regarding your experience or if you have some feedback for us, you can reach out to us at Service ConsumerCellular. This is also a good option if you have any questions about your phone or account if a phone call is inconvenient. Thank you again for your patience, and for taking the time to comment. Thank you for taking the time to post, Kathy. We do offer a paid version of that you can use as well. We appreciate you sharing your experience! You must be frustrated I know I would be.

It must have something to do with the time of the day that u reach out, however, it has been quite the Opposite for me. Someone always comes on the line. This service stinks, the recorded operator kept mispronouncing the last name of the person for whom I wanted a phone number. After a dozen attempts i gave up.

No kidding!! Same here. There was no way to pronounce it any clearer. It would not listen to a spelling and I just lost 10 years off my life because of the same problem. I used the Free service since they came aboard and do find that for SOME cities that have unusual pronounciation it can be frustrating. Does anyone know who to contact to correct the information? Thank you for asking, Kerrie. It looks like their support number is Thank you! I only call when I really need the help. Good luck with that at our library.

And with all our attainable dropping their landlines. You would want to use this in your car. I spent 5 or so minutes repeating, repeating, repeating my query. Until at last I was told they were having too much trouble understanding me and that I should call back later. Not likely. Seems like a system rigged to draw in an audience for the ads. Thank you for the feedback, Linda.

We appreciate getting your first-hand take on the service, so thank you for posting! Agree with the frustration. We do have voice recognition technology much better then is offered here. I have the address and name but lost a customers number. You would think this might be an easier problem to solve without subscribing to a special service, but how it is now. I get it. We understand the frustration, Dennis. As always, if you find a good app or other option, please share it with us here on the blog.

Thank you for posting! Who owns this service? Hey Pat , have you tried it? If not, why are you endorsing it? If you have, why are you endorsing it? Thank you for asking, Lou. We appreciate you taking the time to post! On my cell phone, three digit numbers respond only to my wireless company. Is there any other number I can dial for information that does not contain the numbers ; and in that order?

Thank you for asking, Mary.

At this time, this is the only free option that we would recommend. As for the dialing issue you are experiencing, it should be resolved by dialing the full number: We appreciate you taking the time to comment today! It is pretty handy, Michael. What a piece of crap. All automated and the voice system on their side must be very old technology. I miss the old pick up phone and dial operator for directory assistance. All I want is a freaking phone number of a lost relative.

You can also try using the feature, but please note that there is a charge. If we can assist you in any way, just give us a call at and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for posting today! While this service works well for many listings, some maybe unavailable. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Hi Ashley, Is there a way to look up a number on-line free of charge as opposed to dialing —?

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Thank You! Absolutely, Paula! You can search for a business or organization on Google, and the phone number, hours and address will appear at the top of the search results. You can also use the Yellow Pages online, and other similar sites. Thank you for asking!

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Thank you for posting, Harold! Many people choose to keep their cellphone number unlisted. Otherwise, we recommend trying your local listings or a directory assistance website to find someone. We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us today! Thanks for posting, Ken! There are a variety of free apps available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Thank you for taking the time to post, and we hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing the information about this free telephone number directory. I used it tonight, and it worked perfectly!

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  • Terrible programe. It seems like the system is designed to not understand your voice. I do not have problems with any other voice recognition programs. I called Consumer Cellular yesterday and the agent told me that dialing from my CC cell phone is a free call. You just have to use your minutes as you would any phone call. We apologize for any incorrect information that has been provided, Nick. Calls made to for directory assistance are not free of charge, there is an additional charge that will be added to your invoice.

    Thank you for posting, and we hope you have a lovely day!

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    This was a complete waste of my time. Thanks for posting, Bruce. We do offer services for a small fee if you like. Otherwise, we recommend trying Google Assistant if you have a smartphone. We appreciate you reaching out today! Thanks for asking, Judith.

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    We appreciate you posting today! Terrible service. What a scam. The automated system is the worst ever. It cannot understand when you say last name. Never have gotten past that point. Hi Gogmr, if you need help locating a number then you can call the free Directory Assistance line at Hi Gina, a great search engine available is Google. Automated service can not understand the name of the person I was looking for!