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I tell my friends you could frame a house with this phone. It is somewhat larger than most but has great reception and good battery life. These phones are easy to find used and are very easy to unlock via various websites by entering the proper code. I have purchased several of these,unlocked them and sold them to my friends and coworkers.

Nokia 6010 (T-Mobile)

The Nokia is a full color multi function phone marketed to first time buyers or seasoned veterans of wireless communications. Its full color screen allows you to surf the web and download background pictures in style. The signal quality is great. I owned it for two years and had very few dropped calls.

I highly recommend this phone as a good quality wireless communication tool. With it's reasonable price you can you can afford to add quality multi-function accessories offered by Nokia. Buy yours NOW. I had this phone for years and years and actually hated to give it up. The reception was great and the battery lasted forever!

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I never had any problems with this phone at all and highly reccommend purchasing one as a backup. It has a color screen and it's actually a pretty light phone for being an older phone. The screen can be locked so you don't accidentally press numbers if it's in your pocket.

I use to download lots of songs and games on it. Solid phone to say the least!

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The phone by many people today refer to it as a dinosaur. The phone does have one quality that is still unmatched by any Flip phone. This phone will have signal two or three bars when most others have nothing. The down side of this phone is that to some call it bulky or not as easy to carry as a flip phone. It doesn't have blue tooth qualitys, or internet acess or do music downloads either.

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Ringtones are very limited also. In summary the is the phone to have if you just want to use the phone as a phone. I had this phone for about 2 years, I used to think reception had much more to do with the carrier but after switching to a Motorola V for awhile I found out that the phone does have a lot to do with it.

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I couldn't get reception with the V anywhere but the Nokia had no problems in the same areas. If you live in an area with poor coverage then I highly recommend this phone. This is a really great phone, it's simple, cheap, tough, and reliable. It's not the best looking phone nor does it have a thousand features. Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow.

Phone battery will drain faster though. Phone will automatically restart.

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The phone will automatically restart. Phone will ask you the lock code. Default lock code is: Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up-arrow keys for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Displays — 1. Pay close attention to any information in italics.

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Follow graphic clues T. Answer a call Press the Talk key. Answer with call waiting Press Options, then select Answer call. End a call Press the End key. Reject a call Press the End key. Redial Press the Talk key twice. Adjust call volume During a call, press the Scroll up or Scroll down key. Use the in-call menu During a call, press Options. Save a name and number Enter a number, press Options, select Save, enter a name, and pres. Note: Menu items may vary depending on network and accessories used.

These are special services that you arrange through your wireless service provider. Before you can take advantage of any of these Network Services, you must subscribe to them through your service provider and obtain instructions for their use from your service provider. Also compatible with the Nokia , , , and series digital phones, the loopset gives hearing-impaired users clear access to digital telephony.

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The loopset is easy to use. You wear the loopset around your neck, connect it to your phone, and speak directly toward the microphone. Using any of these features may reduce the memory available for any features sharing memory. This is especially true with heavy use of any of the features although some of the features may have a certain amount of memory specially allotted to them, in addition to the amount of memory shared with other features. For example, saving many games m. Welcome and quick guide Have the phone or accessory available Whether you are calling about your phone or an accessory, have the equipment with you when you call. For example, if you are calling about a headset, please have it available.

If a Nokia representative asks a specific question about the accessory, you will have it available for quick reference. This chapter covers these topics as well as instructions on how to attach the optional headset.